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LWU DiveEx

Littoral Warfare Unit DIVEX

20160730_NZDF_Q100938_001 PACIFIC OCEAN (July 30, 2016) - Littoral Warfare Unit dive exercise (DIVEX).

The Littoral Warfare Unit (LWU) is a collective name for a group of units that operate primarily within the littoral or coastal waters. Comprising divers, hydrographers and a mine counter measures unit. The purpose of the LWU is to ensure access to and the use of harbours, inshore waters and associated coastal zones. The component parts of the LWU can be quickly assembled into a composite force and deployed by sea, land or air.

The LWU detachment is a task unit within Coalition Task Group (CTG) 171.2 Expeditionary Diving within the greater Coalition Task Force 171 Naval Expeditionary Forces. The Task Group focus's on salvage diving and clearance operations. The LWU detachment has the capabilities to locate, identify, survey, and clear obstructions.

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