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RESERVEX 14 Personnel

The Naval Reserve organisation.

There are four main Naval Reserve units located in Auckland, Wellington, Christchurch and Dunedin and the Auckland unit maintains a sub unit in the large port of Tauranga. The units, which all have their own training headquarters, are each commanded by a senior Reserve officer. Each unit is a commissioned ship that bears a 'Her Majesty's New Zealand Ship' (HMNZS) name; each has between 30 and 80 Naval Reserve personnel. The most senior officer is Captain Naval Reserve, appointed at Naval Staff, Wellington and principal advisor to Chief of Navy on reserve issues.

For more information contact online: Defence Careers.

The Naval Reserve Mission is:

“To contribute to the Navy mission by providing competent Reserve personnel Fit for Service”.

The Naval Volunteer Reserve are the part time people. The seagoing equivalent of the Army Territorials, Reservists are typically people with regular jobs (although many are also tertiary students or full time parents) who get paid for the spare time they spend as a member of the Naval Reserve. They enjoy the opportunity to work with the regular force either at sea, ashore and sometime overseas. There are around 300 people in the Naval Reserve. 

The Naval Reserve has a proud place in New Zealand's naval history, its people providing professional loyal service on a part-time basis.  The role of the early Naval Reserve was to supplement regular force numbers and to provide coastal defences to ensure the free flow of shipping.  The role has become more complex but still involves supplying personnel for Naval vessels as well as providing a key interface between the New Zealand Defence Force and the Maritime Industry. But there is so much more... from fishery patrols and customs assistance, to assisting civil agencies, to hosting overseas guests, to port based liaison, to peacekeeping missions, to boarding and briefing of merchant vessel Masters, to vessel tracking and maritime operational analysis. The opportunities are endless.

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