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Naval Reserve Division of the Year is awarded each year.

The Naval Reserve Division of the Year is awarded to the unit that has shown the best all round performance over the year. All reserve units are eligible for this award which is based on administrative performance, operational readiness and contribution to NZDF outputs.  

This year’s recipient of the Reserve Division of the Year has shown a significant contribution in both its primary and secondary roles, and in particular contributing to building Navy’s relationships with the Maritime Industry. Showing proactivity, this not only furthers the Navy’s understanding of how the industry operates, but also grows an understanding and acceptance of how the Navy assists and supports the Maritime Industry.

The unit has also shown a strong attention in working tirelessly to bring the unit to a strong position administratively, and to ensure the ship and ship’s company maintain a high level of readiness for any of the roles in Maritime Trade as well as supplementation to the Regular Force.

The winner of the Reserve Division of the Year for 2018 is HMNZS OLPHERT.

Image right: The Murano Trophy plague which is awarded to the Division.

(The actual trophy is kept in HMNZS Philomel  quarterdeck as it is too fragile to transport around the country. The plague is presented to be displayed in the unit).



Deputy Chief of Navy presents the Reserve Unit of the Year 2018 award to LTCDR Kerry Moloney, RNZNVR Commanding Officer HMNZS OLPHERT.
Image Above: Deputy Chief of the Navy, Commodore Matt Williams, RNZN presents the Reserve Unit of the Year to Commanding officer of HMNZS OLPHERT LTCDR Kerry Moloney, RNZNVR.
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