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Guard Commander for the Royal Guard at Auckland's VJ Day Parade, 2005

Since the late 1840s, Military and State medals have been awarded to New Zealanders in acknowledgement of acts of heroism and gallantry, campaign and war service, exemplary service and long service. Potent symbols whereby an individual's or a group's outstanding contributions to their community or their nation are honourably recognised, such awards are a time honoured practice. In 1996, New Zealand instigated an indigenous award system that replaced the previous British system.

The New Zealand Defence Force Medals website has a comprehensive overview of medals earned not only by personnel in our own Navy, Army and Air Force, but also in earlier Colonial forces and British Defence Forces serving in and around New Zealand and overseas. You can access information and further contacts quickly and easily on this site.

Image on right: Guard Commander for the Royal Guard at Auckland's VJ Day Parade, 2005.
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