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Notice Board and Upcoming Events

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15 December 2016: Graduation Parade (Auckland)

  • BCT and JOCT graduation parade, Devonport

18 December 2016: HMS Neptune Church Service (Auckland)

18 December 2016: HMS Neptune Memorial Service (Pukeahu National War Memorial Park, Wellington)

  • Closing Ceremony for Operation Neptune - RNZN 75th birthday, Wellington
  • Our Navy's gravest day will be commemorated with a Closing Ceremony at the Pukeahu National War Memorial Park. HMS Neptune (a sister ship to HMNZS Achilles of the Battle of River Plate fame) was being prepared fro transfer to the Royal New Zealand Navy when she was lost in an enemy minefiled in the Mediterranean on 19 December 1941 with the loss of all but one man, including all 150 of the New Zealanders who had already joined the ship
  • Visit for more details

27 January 2017: Fleet Parade

  • Devonport Naval Base

30 January 2017: Auckland Anniversary Day 2017

6 February 2017: Waitangi Day (Waitangi)

  • Waitangi Day commemorates the first signing of New Zealand's founding document - the Treaty of Waitangi
  • The NZDF and the Navy has a big presence at Waitangi including the traditional Beat the Retreat and Ceremonial Sunset with ships anchored in the bay

15-19 February 2017: Art Deco Weekend (Napier)

  • Napier City is known as the Art Deco Capital and has one of the best and largest collections of original 1930’s architecture
  • Art Deco - The style known as Art Deco had its heyday between 1920 and 1940. A 7.8 Richter scale earthquake, and ensuing fires, destroyed most of central Napier in 1931. Within two years, the city was rebuilt, predominantly in Art Deco style, with Maori motifs and design elements incorporated
  • The navy sloop HMS Veronica had berthed in Napier’s harbour that morning. When the earthquake struck, the harbour bottom rose, leaving the ship aground. On deck, sailors watched as the wharf buckled, roads split open, and buildings collapsed in clouds of dust. The Veronica radioed Auckland, and within hours the cruisers HMS Dunedin and Diomede were on their way, each carrying 450 men and officers, doctors and nurses from Auckland Hospital, and medical and emergency equipment. They arrived the following dawn. Meanwhile, teams of the Veronica’s sailors spread out into the town to help with rescue efforts
  • Each year the Navy partakes in commemoration services during Art Deco weekend

25-26 February 2017: 2017 Air Tattoo (RNZAF Base Ohakea)

  • The RNZAF is celebrating its 80th Anniversary by showcasing its capability, personnel and skills in a spectacular Air Tattoo at RNZAF Base Ohakea in Manawatu
  • Tickets available from Ticketek or visit 2017 Air Tattoo for more information
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