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The RNZN's Core Values and Our Navy Creed

Waitangi 2016

The RNZN has three Core Values that our personnel strive to live by: 

  • Courage
  • Commitment
  • Comradeship

The values held by our personnel, and some examples of the behaviours expected are listed below.

To be brave enough to do what one believes to be right

I will show Courage by:

  • Challenging others to do the right thing
  • Accepting responsibility for what needs to be done
  • Being accountable for my actions
  • Accepting and providing honest feedback
  • Doing the job despite adverse or hostile conditions

The state of being involved in an obligation (or pledge)

I will show Commitment by:

  • Setting challenging goals and taking steps to achieve them
  • Contributing to individual, team and organisational improvement
  • Promoting the Navy in a positive way
  • Meeting the needs of my customers and my team
  • Carrying out my duties, including difficult or unpleasant ones, to the best of my ability
  • Working in partnership with the Navy for our mutual benefit

Companionship with those who share one’s activities

I will show Comradeship by:

  • Helping everyone get a fair go
  • Respecting different ideas, feelings and perspectives
  • Encouraging, supporting and helping all in the Navy family and in the wider community
  • Sharing my knowledge and skills
  • Supporting Navy social, sporting and cultural activities

Our Navy Creed

In November 2013, the Warrant Officer of the Navy tasked the Warrant Officers' Development Course 13/02 with the design and implementation of a Royal New Zealand Navy Sailors' Creed. 
The intention for Our Navy Creed is to represent all of our Sailors. Our Navy Creed statements have been broken down to represent the following:

  • The Crown
  • Our Maori Culture
  • Our Past
  • The Present time
  • Personal Accountability
  • Navy's Values, and  
  • Affirmation of who we are 

The Navy Creed symbolises who we are, what we represent and reinforces our identity of being a Sailor and being in the RNZN. It also represents all Officers and Ratings alike.
Our Navy Creed
I am a sailor of the Royal New Zealand Navy
Te Taua Moana o Aotearoa
I represent the proud heritage of those who have gone before me
I serve to protect our people and our whanau with integrity and mana
I will follow those above me and lead those below me
I embody the navy's Core Values - Courage, Commitment, Comradeship and will challenge those who do not
He heramana ahau, I am a sailor. 


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