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Training & Leadership

BCT Training, Tamaki Leadership Centre, Whangaparaoa

Navy personnel are highly trained professionals.  All sailors must be capable in a range of core skills from seamanship to weapons handling, and during their careers everyone develops expert skills in their specialist trade or profession.

Right: Junior Officer Common Training, Tamaki Leadership Centre, Whangaparaoa

The Navy invests heavily in developing the personal and professional skills of its people.  Sailors and officers are always working to improve their personal and professional skills through in-house courses and trade schools, or by doing courses at university or polytechnic. 

Leadership training

Leadership exists at all levels within the Navy and each trainee has the potential to become a leader.  The Navy teaches and develops leadership skills among its people, and also develops the skills of being a good follower; knowing how to work in and contribute to a team.

The Leadership Development Group (LDG) at Devonport Naval Base works with sailors and Officers throughout their naval career. All sailors and Officers start their career with an initial training course conducted at the LDG:

At various different stages of a sailor or Officer’s career they will come back to the LDG to conduct leadership, damage control, management and development courses to further their career.

The Navy is always on the lookout for good leaders and many of today’s officers have been commissioned from the ranks after their potential was identified.

Trade Training

The Navy and NZDF operate Trade Training Schools to develop technical and personal skills, including Military Communications, Combat Training, Electronic Warfare, Hydrography and Weapons Engineering.

Outdoor & Weapons Training

The Navy operates the Tamaki Leadership Centre at Whangaparaoa, where trainees undertake outdoor and weapons training.

Further Education

The Navy supports sailors and officers who are undertaking further education or training relevant to their careers through external providers, such as Universities or Polytechnics.

Sea Training

When on-board ship Navy personnel are always practising their seamanship and military skills, from damage control and combat exercises to boat handling and safety at sea.  Continual training ensures the ship is capable of safely achieving its mission and helps to build morale and teamwork among the ship’s company.

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