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The Navy’s Vision and Mission

Waitangi 2016

Royal New Zealand Navy - Te Taua Moana O Aotearoa

Our role is to contribute to the security of our nations, and the people of New Zealand. We "Advance New Zealand's Interests from the Sea."

We serve New Zealand, we are experts in the maritime domain and our area of expertise is the maritime environment, the oceans and the seas.

He Heremana ahau, I am a sailor.

Our Mission - Advance New Zealand's interests from the sea

Our role is to contribute to the security of our nation, and the people of New Zealand. We "Advance New Zealand's interests from the sea."

The Navy's people and our ships are able to respond to a range of situations and undertake tasks such as combat operations, search and rescue, underwater recovery, trade protection, peacekeeping and humanitarian aid and disaster relief.

New Zealand has an Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ) which is approximately 15 times the land area of our country and among the largest in the world. We have the ninth longest coastline in the world. Our nearest major trading partner and ally, Australia, is 1,000 miles away. We are a vast distance from most major international markets and 99% of our trade crosses the sea. New Zealand's economic interests rest upon our ability to ensure safe passage at sea and the security of the waters over which we have a sovereign right. Through our geographical isolation and dependence on maritime trade, it is clear that New Zealand is a maritime nation.

The Navy’s readiness to deploy provides the Government with an important tool to respond quickly to emergency situations around New Zealand's 15,000-kilometre coastline, the Southern Ocean and into the Asia-Pacific region.

Our Vision - To be a world-class Navy for a large maritime nation

The term ‘world-class’ is included within the vision statement because as a Navy we  strive to be among the best in the world at all activities we undertake.

Although New Zealand has a relatively small land mass, the country has a large maritime area of responsibility, including a significant EEZ, extended continental shelf, and Search and Rescue area. As 96% of New Zealand’s land is underwater, we are very much a large maritime nation. Furthermore, our maritime interests extend far beyond these boundaries, and include assisting our South Pacific neighbours and ensuring safety and security of global trade routes, highlighting the importance of the Navy’s role.

Our Navy Creed

I am a sailor of the Royal New Zealand Navy
Te Taua Moana o Aotearoa
I represent the proud heritage of those who have gone before me
I serve to protect our people and our whanau with integrity and mana
I will follow those above me and lead those below me
I embody the Navy’s Core Values – Courage, Commitment,
Comradeship and will challenge those who do not
He heramana ahau, I am a sailor

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