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BCT 18/02 Graduates throw their hats in the air in celebration of the end of their Graduation parade

Our Newest Graduates

Bravo Zulu to our sailors and officers who officially launched their Navy careers in a superb parade and graduation enjoyed by hundreds of family and friends at Devonport Naval Base.

BCT 18/02 Sailors and JOCT 18/02 Officers combined Graduation Parade at North Parade Ground, Devonport Naval Base. The parade was review by The Honourable Ron Mark, Minister of Defence.  


Photo: BCT 18/02 Graduates throw their hats in the air in celebration of the end of their Graduation parade.

Merry Christmas and happy New Year from the Royal New Zealand Navy - whatever you and your family have got planned over summer (particularly on the water) stay safe!


Aotearoa News

Crew trains at HMS Raleigh

Torpoint. Some of Aotearoa’s future crew have been training at HMS Raleigh in preparation for her delivery in 2020.

HMS Raleigh - a team of 19 have been introduced to new equipment to be fitted to Aotearoa

The team of 19 have been using the replenishment-at-sea (RAS) training rig at the base in Torpoint, to practice transferring stores, fuel and other items from ship-to-ship at sea. 

The facility, which started life as a trials platform to test equipment for the new Queen Elizabeth Carriers, is run off a Rolls Royce electric system; the same system which will be fitted to HMNZS Aotearoa.

During their two weeks at HMS Raleigh, the team has also been introduced to a high-performance mooring and towing system used by the Royal Navy. Aotearoa will be delivered with this system used to secure ships and is fairly new in the world. 

For more information visit HMNZS Aotearoa MSC project

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